正屋 本店

正屋 本店

大人の秘密基地をコンセプトに、約100坪の倉庫を改築しました。 ロード・マウンテンバイク・クロスバイク&パーツ・アクセサリーがずらり。

Masaya Main Shop – Masaya Headquarters
With a “Secret Base” concept in mind, our shop was constructed with approximately 330 square meters in size. We have a wide array of road, mountain, and cross bikes along with a wide assortment of parts and accessories at our main shop.


正屋 千早店

正屋 千早店 トレックコンセプトストア


Masaya Chihaya Branch – Trek Concept Store
Being the only Treck Concept Store in Fukuoka, we specialize in providing high quality services and offer the latest and most up-to-dates bikes technologies regarding the Trek brand.



5CAFE 併設してます

自転車仲間と自転車談義に花を咲かせながら美味しい珈琲はいかがですか? 手作りのベーグルやスペシャルティー珈琲、ランチやデザートを提供しています。

5CAFE – The quaint cafe next to our bike shop
How does chatting with your cycling friends while enjoying a good cup of coffee with blossoming flowers around sound? Here we offer hand-made bagels, and speciality coffee along with lunch and desserts.