Secret Base “Masaya”

Depending on what your goals are, or what you want to do with a bike, whether it is to
・deal with a sedentary lifestyle
・go on a diet
・get faster on the saddle
・use a bike for commuting
・circle the whole of Japan via bike or for whatever purpose.
Have you found yourself at a crossroads in deciding on where you would like to buy a bike? When you find yourself at a crossroads, you can be sure to count on 正屋 (Masaya) to be a strong ally and supporter for you biking needs.


正屋 本店

Masaya Main Shop – Masaya Headquarters

With a “Secret Base” concept in mind, our shop was constructed with approximately 330 square meters in size. We have a wide array of road, mountain, and cross bikes along with a wide assortment of parts and accessories at our main shop.

Address 815-0032 Fukuoka-shi Minami-ku
Shiobaru 1-14-4
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Hours of Operation Weds/Thurs/Fri 12:00pm ~ 8:00pm
Sat/Sun/Holidays 9:00am ~ 6:00pm
Off Days Mon/Tues
( If a holiday falls on a Monday, then we will be open on that Monday. )
Contact  092-555-3200
What products we have at our shop Bikes, bike parts and accessories, cycling wear
Parking Up to 10 cars

BIKE Packing and Delivery Service

To ensure a reliable support for your Kyushu Cycling Adventure(s).
A hassle-free Packing and Delivery Service to get your bike ready for your trip back home!

MASAYA Bike Packing and Delivery Service:

You won’t have to worry about carrying your bike to the airport on your way back home.
Our packing and delivery service offers a simple and stress-free way to safely pack and transport your bike(s) from your hotel/accommodation to the airport where you will depart from!

*Also, a recommendation from us at MASAYA*
If you set our shop, MASAYA, as the final stop of your trip/tour in Kyushu, we offer showers so you can freshen up after a nice day of cycling, and we can collect your bike(s) and start the packing and delivery process! Our shop is close to train stations which can connect easily to the JR, Subway and Nishitetsu lines, so you can spend the rest of your time in Japan without the stress of handling your bike(s).


The 5 steps to buying a bike

1.Picking a shop


Where would you like to buy your bike? A nice shop with a wide display of bikes is a good start to your cycling journey. But first you’ll have to find one.

2.Picking a type of bike


Sports bikes are usually grouped into 3 categories: Road, Cross, and Mountain. Each category of bike has a different ride style. We at Masaya will do our best to find the best type of bike that suits you!

Types of Sports Bikes


Road Bike

 This type of bike performs the best on roads. The biggest trait to these bikes is that they are very lightweight. The lightest road bikes can go well under 4 kilograms, which is well below half the weight of the average bike. Because of this, people can ride at speeds around 30-40km/hour, which lends itself to be a great bike that can tackle long rides/ long distance rides. The prices of these bikes usually start from 90,000 yen.


Cross Bike

 This is a bike that can handle the roads of a road bike and slightly rough terrains of the mountain bike. For those who are just starting to ride bikes, the cross bike offers a simple to use straight handlebar, that supports easy steering and a comfortable riding position. This bike combines the lightness of the road bike, and the sturdiness of the mountain bike to be easy to ride. The price for this type of bike usually goes from 50,000 yen. It’s a popular bike for daily use, commuting from and to work /school, and even for touring.


Mountain Bike

Just as the name suggests, the mountain bikes are made for the mountains and rough terrains. With wide and study tires, and a built-in suspension fork these bikes are made to go through mountain paths. Compared to the cross bike, the mountain bike is heavier, but it is also a great bike for commutes to and from work/school. These bikes go from 70,000 yen.

Bikes in the Road Bike Family

Bikes in this group are Triathlon and Cyclocross bikes.


Triathlon Bikes

Triathlon bikes use the road bike as a base and are further specialized to perform in triathlons, which are sorted into more specialized frames that cater to either short or long-distance races, which results in a wide variety of bike models. For more information on these bikes, please ask the staff at the shop.


Cyclocross Bikes

These bikes are made for cyclocross races. While they do look like road bikes at first glance, the braking systems and size of the tires are best suited for off-road performance.

3.Choosing a Frame Size


Much like picking clothes, picking a bike frame that fits your body type is very important. The beginning may be a bit intimidating, however, please be reassured that the staff at our shop will help with measurements, such as: height, inseams, arm length, and even flexibility of the hips. We will do our best in trying to find the best bike that suits you.

4.Parts and Accessories


In order to ride enjoyably, safely, and comfortably, there are various parts and accessories that are important to keep in mind. A helmet that can reliably protect your head, eyewear that protect eyes, and light that can provide visibility in the dark, and a variety of other tools can provide aid in all sorts of situations. Lets make finding the best accessories and parts a top priority!

5.Bike Fitting


 For a bike fitting, first we’ll measure you and from there we can determine a good position for you on your bike. While on the bike, we can help adjust the saddle height, saddle placement, handle bar height and width,   

Your Bike is Ready!


Once your bike is ready, go out and have a blast!! Here at Masaya, beginners can rest at ease with the various events we hold!。